Friday, April 22, 2011

My software recommendations.

Ok so I originally wrote a post about vocal booths but wasn't happy with the article. It was a bit of a mess from my perspective so thought I'd delete it and try again another time.

In the meantime though I thought I'd show you some of my favourite piece of software to use for production, recording and mixing. Each person has their own tastes and what they like to use but these are ones that I find useful quite often!

1. Logic Pro

Logic Studio is Apple's answer to music making and it really is one of the powerhouses of the industry.

You can consider Logic an all in one package, it is pretty much perfect for production, recording and mixing and has a huge array of features and tools.

This is a
program that is often considered the industry standard for mac users and you really can't go wrong with this suite.

2. ProTools

Pro Tools is has been considered the industry standard for a very long time. It is an excellent program for editing, recording and mixing. It also has production capabilities but for some reason or another a lot of artists I know that use this program will produce in a seperate program.

As far as recording and mixing goes however you really cannot go wrong with ProTools. It has a huge array of tools and features and is used by huge artists all around the world

3. FL Studio

Back in the day FL Studio (then known as Fruity Loops) was considered the 'beginners' production suite. With an easy to use interface it was a program that didn't take too long to wrap your head around and get reasonable results. Recently though FL Studio has been getting more and more powerful and is now a great tool for all aspects of production, recording and mixing. It still has managed to keep it's easy to use interface while adding more and more features. I personally use this program for my own production work.

While many people still view FL Studio as 'amateur' it really has developed immensely and now rivals the industry leaders. It is also a good choice if you're on a budget as it's a bit cheaper than the others, definately worth checking out. To top it off, the latest version, 10, has added new features that make streamlining projects and mixing them all that more better.


  1. Great post, personally I prefer Pro Tools

  2. Thanks for the recommendations! Supporting and following.

  3. i've tried a trial of FL studio, and my friends use it to make music, in my experience, it's hard getting started, and understanding the system, but once you understand it, you're golden.

  4. Is this only Mac software? Cause my friend uses Reason, and it's very good music software. I don't see a reason why it wouldn't be in the Top 5 or something :)

  5. Pro Tools is my favorite. Been using it for years and I'm very satisfied.

  6. I've tried using FL studio, and just gotten caught up in the mix. Congrats if you can use it. It's best for editing/creating loops, and then you can outsource that to traktor, or whatever you use.

  7. Thank you for sharing. Do you know which program Swedish House Mafia use?