Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just a quick one

Hey guys,

Not going to do an advice column today, got a gig to go to tonight and am super tired from running around all day. Instead I thought I'd step back today and be a bit informal.

For anyone that knows anything about Australian hiphop, you've probably heard of this coming...but if you haven't then you should def check this out. I'm starting to get pretty amped up for the release of the new Vents album, Marked for Death. His first album, Hard to Kill, is still one of my favourite Australian hip hop releases so I'm very much looking forward to this one. To top if off he's just a damn nice bloke.

If you haven't seen his new clip, here it is:

If you're curious I suggest checking it out. His new album is being released May 13th.


  1. That's pretty great stuff, man. Haven't really heard of him until now.

  2. Great music, I will check out the album when it drops

  3. Gonna check it out for sure now