Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Bloop Files

Hi everyone,

For those of you that are just visiting let me say welcome. I'm hoping that people can find some useful advice and information coming from someone that's working in the Australian Hip Hop music industry. I run my own label and also promote shows and I'm sure that this advice will also apply to not only other genres of music but also not just Australian artists.

Advice will range from tips and tutorials on the actual music making methods, to marketing strategies and also live performance tips, whether it's getting your sound right live or running your own shows and promotions.

If you're inerested then feel free to follow as I plan on updating this regularly. I realise sometimes that getting started is the hardest part so that's why I've set this up, so if you're new to the hiphop, or even music scene, hopefully I can help you out!

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