Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to get more fans from outside your friend circle

Ok, this is a very simple one and therefor it will probably be a short post but it's also something that again, I've noticed a lot of people havent thought of.

Remember, when you're just starting to get into the music scene you will need to make some sacrifices before seeing anything back, whether that includes money or time, it's a necessary step to take in order to secure any response in the future.

So here's my top tip on how to start getting fans. We're going to assume you have some music ready to go that you are happy with but unsure how to get people to listen.

Release a free sampler. Just call it like "Artist Name - The Sampler" or something like that. Now the next step is going to be the one that takes the most time. Get your tracks, (You want to have at least 4-5 in order to make people think it's worth loading up to check out), design a cover, doesn't need to be flashy but also needs to look semi-decent.

Print out about 500 covers just in black and white. Buy about 500 slimline cd cases, they're very cheap and you can find good deals on ebay if local stores don't stock them. And buy about 500 blank printable cds.

Now get burning. The more you burn the better. 500 was just a random number that I normally use as a starting point. You can do 10 though, or you can do 3,000. Just remember the more you make the more effective it will be.

Once you've made them all (don't get me wrong, this takes forever, I've done it countless times) the next step is to start going to as many local shows as you can. Every group you see performing go to their show. Start handing out cd's. Most people that receive a free cd will want to listen to it. If you provide a link to a website/facebook page etc. On the cover, if they like the music it gives them a point to connect.

You can also visit local record stores and ask if they will give away your free cd with any purchases. A lot will be more than happy to because their customers will enjoy receiving something free.

Just remember, you can't expect to record some tracks and start making money off them, you have to be willing to work for free at the start to build a fanbase that is willing to part with their money in the future.

Hard copy cd's handed to a person seem to have a greater effect than emailing them a download link though. This doesn't mean don't provide it as an option... it's still a great tool. Just remember that the best way to get people hearing your music is to go out and give it to them.


  1. Some good advise there mate, now all I need to do is develop some talent and I might have a shot.

  2. Definitely good "guide". I will recommend this to my friend who is DJ :)

  3. Handing them in person is always better than by e-mail. People like to receive gifts, and an email isnt really personal

  4. Sounds good, that's some work to do but worth a try I think ^^