Friday, April 22, 2011

Making a basic drum beat in FL Studio

Hi guys,

I was thinking about doing a production article as I realise that sometimes getting into production can be a daunting task. I remembered when I first started out and reading lots of magazines and online articles and trying to wrap your head around it can sometimes be a bit hard when you know nothing.

After thinking that I thought that it would probably be better if I could just show you exactly what I wanted to, so I thought I'd make a video tutorial.

Of course, I got a bit carried away and youtube cut the video off at the 10 minute mark. Doesn't matter though because after that point it's just me showing some details in my track and all the important stuff was already out of the way.

Please don't be too harsh on me as it's my first ever attempt at one of these, hopefully I can improve on it in the future. I hope this will help some people that are just starting to use FL Studio.

Some tips to take from the video.

1. Send all your similar sounds to the same mixer inserts (eg. Kicks -> 1, Snares -> 2, etc.)
2. Label your mixer inserts to make it easy to organise
3. Download and find your own drum packs. They aren't too hard to find, just search google. Or there's a lot of paid for drum packs out there that are great quality also.
4. Spend a lot of time just playing around for yourself. A lot of things can be learned through trial and error. Also a lot of great sounds happen by mistake, so just keep playing.


  1. Very nice tutorial, this should get me started with FL Studio. Thanks, mate!

  2. this is wonderful, i still have my demo, but i could never figure anything out on it!

  3. Nice tutorial, cheers bro. Could never figure out FL Studio though :P

  4. very useful tips, thanks for sharing

  5. nice one man. i definitely find i do my best work after playing around for a while

  6. Thanks for sharing. This will help me immensely.

  7. I love FL Studios, any tips on hardstyle?

  8. I love DnB and Dubstep, this will surely come handy :)